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SOLA/ 2012/ made by/ Katja Scholz•die elektroschuhe und Hannah Shakti


"Sola" is a dance performance, which is drafting the repeating image of destruction of the earth as a kind of unsettled, rough but in the same time poetic image. Two women are exposed to an apocalyptic catastrophe which is confronting them with the strength, the appearing limits and the endlessness of their bodies.

The language of dance is becoming decomposed in the physical and emotional struggle with heaviness, tiredness, despair and the dependance on another body. By the catastrophe the surroundings got contaminated, transformed and stimulated changes in human behavior. Normal laws of physics no longer apply. Invisible forces are all around the women. Uneasiness and tension is whirring in the air.The landscape is mirroring their confrontation with the transformation of themselves.The piece culminates in their acknowledgement to bow to the inevitable.Two limited bodies in an unlimited space.

  • concept/choreography/dance: Hannah Shakti Bühler (Italy)/Katja Scholz (Germany)

  • composition/music: Gabor Csongradi (Hungary)

"Sola" was created during a residency from T.r.a.s.h. dance performance group and premiered at the theater NWE Vorst at L'Avventura,

in Tilburg , Holland on 5th of May 2012


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